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March 20, 2012
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Title:  Prisoner Of War
Chapter 19:  Till Death Do Us Part : Part 2
Universe:  Transformers Prime
Rating:  PG-13
Characters (Main): Megatorn, Starscream, Bee, Optimus, Arcee, Ratchet, Arachnid
Pairing: OptimusXBee, BreakdownXKnockout, RatchetXKnockout, MegsXScreamer, SceamerXSlipstream
Warnings: Battle, fighting, gore

{Soundwave's tune and tones he uses to talk}
(Bumblebee's beeps and chirps he uses to talk)
<Optimus's and Bee's spark Bond talk>
"Knockout" Ratchet cooed. Holding the smoking body against his chest. "Please, it cannot end like this" Ratchet looked down at Knockout. The once red, playful eyes of the young medic were now dull and tired. Ratchet was no foul; he saw life just as much as he saw death in the remaining light in Knockout's eyes.  

Ratchet jumped to his feet, with Knockout safely in his hands. He ran over to the berth and placed Knockout gently on it. He quickly plugged Knockout up to the life-support tubes and IVs. He looked around the lab, looking for Energon. He ran from cabinet to cabinet, looking in every little place that Knockout may store Energon in his lab.

But he could not find any anywhere. He lowered his head and smacked his forehead.

"Do you need some help, old friend?" A voice called. Ratchet looked up and saw Optimus standing in the doorway.

"Optimus, what are you doing here?" Ratchet hissed and walked back over to the berth that Knockout was laying on. "It is not like you to go back on an order"

"There are some rules that must be broken. And in this case, I am glad I broke it. What happened to him?" Optimus asked as he stepped forward. His foot rubbed up against Breakdown's body, causing him to look down. Optimus gulped as he stepped over the body.

"I'm sure you can guess by looking at him" Ratchet pointed to Breakdown "And him" Ratchet turned, showing Optimus Knockout's damaged body." Ratchet shook his head "I need Energon" Ratchet slammed his fists down.

"Are you certain he can be…...saved?" Optimus asked. Ratchet turned to face him.

"I…I d-do not know, Optimus. But isn't worth a shot?" Ratchet looked back at Knockout.

"If you think you can do it" Optimus sighed. "Use the Energon that you can save from Breakdown. I will search the bodies of the Vehicons that we attacked early." Optimus told him.

A beeping noise filled room and Ratchet ran over to the computers. "Optimus, it is a good thing you are here."

"Why is that?"

"Because I know Bumblebee is with you" Ratchet smirked. "And I need him"

"He is just outside, guarding the door" Optimus pointed toward the door. Ratchet downloaded the anti-formula into a small syringe and handed it to Optimus.

"Have him take this to Starscream and the others. They headed up the hall, I'm sure Bee can find his way"

"Are you sure about that, Ratchet?" Optimus took the Syringe and looked at it. "We just saved Bumblebee, I can't lose him again" Optimus closed his eyes "Plus, he is sore and tired from his stay here with Megatron."

"You know I would not send him if I knew he was not able." Ratchet took a container and bent down to collect what Energon he could from Breakdown. "He is faster than both of us and he can help Starscream more than either of us can. It's kind of hard to order a Prime around" Ratchet rushed back over to Knockout, hooking his IV's to the Energon container. Optimus sighed and turned to run out the door. "And Optimus" Ratchet called. Optimus stopped, but did not turn around. "I do not think it would be wise to tell Bee about Knockout, at least not yet." Optimus nodded and walked on.

Once outside he looked over at Bumblebee, who was watching the halls carefully. When he saw Optimus, he lowered his guns and smiled. Optimus smiled back and bent down to Bumblebee's level.

(Everything ok?) Bumblebee asked.

"In the since, yes" Optimus nodded. "Ratchet needs you to do something for him and Starscream."

(Anything!) Bumblebee leaned forward on his heels. Optimus handed Bumblebee the syringe.

"Starscream needs this" Optimus said. "Now" Optimus pushed on Bumblebee's back, telling him to go. Bumblebee looked up at him.

(You are not coming?) Bumblebee tilted his head.

"Afraid not, love, Ratchet need help here" Optimus smiled.

(With what?) Bumblebee asked.

"I-I am not sure. Something important, to help us" Optimus stood and walked back toward the Med-Bay. Bumblebee huffed and took off running down the hall.

<I do not know what you are lying to me about. But you better hope I don't find out> Bumblebee's spark warned Optimus through their bond. Optimus gulped and put his hand over his chest, scared to answer Bumblebee's warning.

"How is it going, Ratchet?" Optimus asked as he jogged over to the Berth. Optimus laid his hand over Knockout's chest. He could feel a very weak and short pulse. Ratchet was back over at Breakdown's side getting more Energon.

"He is there" Ratchet groaned "But it's how long he is there is what worries me"


Starscream ran down the hall with Arcee right on his heels and Bulkhead not far behind. A smirk crossed Starscream's face as they came to the main doors to the control room.

"Megatron is just beyond those doors" Starscream told Arcee and Bulkhead.

"Too bad you won't make it to the other side, Screamer" A dark femme voice laughed. Starscream rolled his eyes as he turned around. Arcee was growling and hissing louder than he was.

"Ah, Arachnid. I almost forgot" Starscream stood tall and proud, showing no fear to the spider lady standing before them. "Bulkhead, will you take care of her?"

"Bulkhead?" Arcee questioned Starscream.

"Yea, me?" Bulkhead eyes Arachnid "Arcee may be a better fit to her" Starscream placed his hands behind his back and laughed.

"Actually, I do not believe that." Starscream winked at Arachnid, gaining an unsure and nervous stare from the femme. "They bigger the phone book, the flatter the bug" Starscream turned and started walking toward the main doors "Come now, Arcee" He called. Arcee smiled and ran after him. Arachnid shook her head, clearly confused on what just happened. She jumped up and landed on her eight legs. She lunged at Starscream, but Bulkhead punched her from the side, sending the small spider straight into the wall.

Starscream turned around and grabbed Arcee by the wrist, throwing her onto his back.

"Hold on" He said. Arcee wrapped her arms around Starscream's neck and her legs around his waist. Starscream aimed his rocket cannon at the main doors and fired. He jumped up in the air and transformed, with Arcee riding safely on the back of his jet form.

Starscream flew inside, circling the room. Megatron ducked and covered, he watched Starscream fly around the room.

"Shoot him down" Megatron ordered the vehicons that were standing around the room. They all opened fire on him. But Starscream flew so high that they did not see Arcee. And that's what Starscream wanted.

"Take them out" Starscream told Arcee. Arcee transformed her hands into guns and leaned forward to aim at them.

She fired back on them, taking them up down within seconds. Starscream flew closer to the ground and dropped Arcee off behind one of the computers, so Megatron would not see her.

Starscream transformed and walked up the cat walk to where Megatron was standing. Megatron opened his eyes and stood tall when he laid eyes on Starscream

"Primus, Megatron" Starscream grinned "You act as if you seen a ghost"

"I would prefer to see a ghost, rather then you" Megatron snarled. Starscream stopped and put his hand over his spark.

"Oh, that hurts" He mocked "And here I thought you cared"

"Enough" Megatron aimed his cannon at Starscream. "I am tired of playing games with you, Starscream" Megatron fired up his cannon.

"You should have thought about that a long time ago, my mate" Starscream hissed. Megatron stepped back and lowered his gun some.  "Have you forgotten?" Starscream put is hands behind his back. Megatron looked down and shook his head.

"For millions of years, you have done everything in your might hide your spark from mine. Even after I forced you to become my mate, your spark still stayed sealed away from me" Megatron looked up at Starscream.

"Don't you think I know this?" Starscream growled. "After all the shit you put me through, after all the pain I suffered, you really think I can open my spark to you?"

"I know I have done wrong" Megatron walked turned Starscream. Starscream cowed down. It was just like when he was second-in-command and feared the war lord. "I know what I did to you and your seekers was wrong" He sighed.

"That's not what I was talking about." Starscream looked away.

'But it's what I am talking about" Megatron said coldly.

"You are so…"

"Shut up, Starscream" Megatron cut him off "After all, that is the reason you want to kill me?"

"Kill you?" Starscream smirked. "That would be too kind. I have other plains for you."

"Like what?" Megatron put his hands on his hips.

"Leaving you with no weapons and no home, no one to turn to and no one to love." Starscream balled up his fists. "Just like you left me alone to suffer"

"I did not let you suffer" Megatron narrowed his eyes. "Starscream, I bonded with you to ease your pain and help you"

"Lies" Starscream snapped.

"No, for once. I am being completely open and true with you, my bonded." Megatron put  his hand over his spark. "I know you think I boned with you to hurt you, but I didn't. I thought it would help you forget about Slipstream."

"Why would I want to forget about her?" Starscream cried out.  "I loved her, with my entire spark"

"Listen to me" Megatron stepped forward and put his hands on each side of Starscream's shoulder.

"It was for the best" Megatron coed. "Not a day went by that I did not regret killing your seekers and your mate."  Starscream looked up into Megatron's eyes. For once he saw the truth in his eyes.

"Then tell me one thing" Starscream closed his eyes.

"What do you want to know?" Megatron sighed.

"The….real wanted me. The real reason you made sure I was alone and had nowhere to go" Starscream opened his eyes. Megatron looked away.

"Bee" Starscream heard Arcee yell. He looked up at Megatron, who was already looking around the room to see who was with them. Starscream turned around. Arcee was running over to Bumblebee from the other side of the room. Bumblebee looked at Arcee then at Megatron and Starscream.

"Bumblebee?" Starscream started running over to him. "What are you doing here?" Starscream could hear Megatron growling.

"Another one of your tricks Starscream?" Megatron smirked. "No surprise" Starscream grabbed Bumblebee and threw the scout behead him, protectively. He looked down in Bumblebee's hands, catching sight of the syringe.

(Ratchet asked me to bring this to you) Bumblebee handed the small syringe to Starscream.

"Actually" Starscream yelled back to Megatron. He turned around to face him. "Yes"

Megaton's eyes grew big and his breathing became heavily and fast, as if he knew what the seeker was up to. He opened fire on Starscream and the Autobots. Starscream pushed Bumblebee out of the way and jumped toward Arcee to cover her. Arcee ran at Starscream, meeting him half way. But before Arcee could reach for Starscream's hand, she was shot in the lower chest. She screamed and fell to the ground. Starscream fell to his knees right beside of her.

"Arcee" Starscream cried. She looked up at him with flickering eyes.

Bumblebee jumped to his feet and frozen where he stood. Megatron laughed and walked forward, his gun still aimed at Arcee and Starscream.

"Your suffering is over now, my dear Star" Megatron said as his gun fired up. Starscream threw himself over Arcee, protecting her from the blast. Starscream closed his eyes and tensed up, waiting on the pain.

The shot was heard but the impacted never came….

Starscream moved around and opened his eyes. He was…unharmed?

He quickly turned his head and looked up at Megatron. Megaton's eyes were big and he was staring down at his feet. Starscream moved his legs out of the way so he could see what Megatron was staring at.

"NO" Starscream yelled "H-HOW COULD Y-YOU??" Starscream crawled away from Arcee, who was in pure shock.

Starscream picked up Bumblebee and held him close.

"I-I did not…….m-mean…….too" Megatron stepped back. Why did he feel so bad? Maybe it was the guilt of killing his brother's mate or maybe he felt bad for causing Starscream even more pain. "He jumped in front of my gun….I didn't know…..he was going to do that"

Starscream rocked back and forth, holding Bumblebee like a small sparkling. Arcee had made her way to Starscream's side; her love for Bumblebee was greater than her pain. She endured the pain to be closer to Bumblebee and Starscream. She rubbed her hands down Bee's cheek and neck. She looked up at Starscream, but could not see anything. His eyes were black and his face turned into a shadow. Arcee gulped and looked back down at Bumblebee. He was still online, but barely. Megatron had shot him right in the stomach.

Arcee heard noises coming from Starscream's throat, which even scared her. She saw Starscream move his hands to his chest and his chest plating started to move. He opened the end of the syringe and pointed it toward his glowing spark. He stopped and looked up at Megatron.

"I will…….kill you" He said with a flat snarl and a cold tone.
Previous chapter- [link]

Next Chapter- [link]

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