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Hello friends!!! I hope you are all doing well. Sorry I haven't been around much... See.. I guess I'm going through my growing up stage. Ha!! I hope some of you are still with me! I still plan on writing and stuff!
The same effects the ooze had on Splinter and the three turtles also happened to the alligator and the tiny turtle he saved. The alligator grew larger, physically and mentally. He was strong and very powerful. He called himself Leatherhead, it was the name his old owner had given him before flushing him down the toilet.

Leatherhead cared for the turtle and raised him as his own. He knew he had to protect the turtle and provide a loving and safe home for him to grow up in. The massive alligator found an old abandoned train station underground that use to be part of the old Subway. It was the perfect home for him and the little one.

One day, when the young turtle was just learning to walk, he found a picture book of art and sculptures by the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo.

“Did you find a book?” Leatherhead smiled as he kneeled down next to the little turtle. He was barely big enough to pick the book up but he flipped through the pages excited, pointing to each of the paintings and sculptures, wanting Leatherhead to see. “Yes, I see.” Once the turtle was finished looking at all the pages, Leatherhead closed the book and read the front cover. “Michelangelo…” The turtle clapped his hands and nodded his head. “You like that name, huh? You need a name, my son… Your name shall be Michelangelo then.” The newly named Michelangelo squealed and crawled closer to Leatherhead. The alligator picked him up carefully and nuzzled him, he was so small, Leatherhead was always afraid of hurting him.

18 years later

“Come on, LH! Get up!” Michelangelo jumped up and down on the old Alligator’s back. Leatherhead growled grumpily and curled up into a ball, causing Mikey to fall backwards and land on his butt. “Hey! You promised to take me to the surface!” Leatherhead sighed as he opened his eyes and yawned, showing off his large and shape teeth.

“I’m up, I’m up,” He slowly got up out of his large bed made of four mattresses and lots of blankets and pillows, he was too big to fit on a regular mattress. “What time is it?” Mikey smiled happily as he bounced up and down. He was always like this, so full of energy and unable to sit still. “Calm down, Mikey.” Leatherhead smiled and rolled his eyes.

“It’s almost nine, the moon is high in the sky! No one will see us! Please, you promised.” Mikey fell face first on the couch.

“I never said that we couldn’t go, I still plan on taking you,” Leatherhead smiled. Michelangelo had grown into a fine young turtle. Leatherhead trained him in hand-to-hand combat. Leatherhead wanted Mikey to be able to protect himself no matter what.

“Oh! Yes! Awesome! Let’s go!” Mikey grabbed Leatherhead by the hand and pulled him toward the exit.

“Wait a minute, Mikey.” Leatherhead stopped him and turned Mikey around to face him, Leatherhead kneeled down in front of his son. “Mikey, you and I are different and -”

“I know, humans would be scared of us and freaked out if they saw us. Stay hidden, stay in the shadows. And, be careful.”

“Yes, Mikey. Always remember that.” Leatherhead hugged Mikey before they made their way to the surface. Leatherhead came to the surface often to search of supplies and food for him and Mikey. But this was Mikey’s first time on the surface.


Leonardo was quick and stealthy as he ran across the rooftops, he could hear his brother’s right behind him. A quick training excise had turned into a full on heated game of Ninja Tag.

“Give it up, Leo!” Donatello smiled as he jumped up in the air and tackled Leo to the ground. Leo chuckled as he and Donnie struggled to pen each other to the ground. Leo grabbed Donnie’s arm and twisted in behind his carapace. “Alright, alright! I yield!” Donnie hissed in pain. Leo gently let go of his brother’s arm and patted him on the shoulder.

“Good work, Donnie. I’m surprised it wasn’t Raphael that caught me.” Leo looked around and noticed that red banded turtle was nowhere in sight. “Um… Where is Raph?” Donnie stood and looked around also.

“I don’t know, he was right behind me.” Donnie said as they retraced their steps.

“There he is,” Leo pointed to the next rooftop over. Raphael was standing on the edge of a building, his golden eyes trained on something in the alleyway.

“Raph? You okay?” Donnie asked as he and Leo joined their brother.

“I saw… a turtle.” Raph whispered.

“You sure it wasn’t your reflection,” Leo smirked.

“No! It… it was like us.”

“A mutant?” Donnie raised an eyebrow.

“Yes! He was smaller, but I swear. You guys have to believe me.”

“Alright, we will check it out, bro. Where did he go?” Leo asked.

“Up the alleyway, toward the street. He is staying in the shadows.”

“Good, that means he doesn’t want to be seen… Last thing we need is another mutant turtle walking the streets, blowing our cover too.” The three turtles quietly and quickly moved. Jumping down and hiding in the shadows of the alleyway, searching for this new turtle.

“There he is,” Donnie muttered. Sitting on his knees, looking out into the street, studying the humans was they walked by was the small turtle they had been searching for. His frame was hidden under the shadows. Leo took a step forward, his foot hitting a can. The sound startled the small turtle, causing him to jump up and turn around.

“It’s okay, we aren’t going to hurt you.” Leo put his hands up, showing that he meant no harm. “I’m Leonardo, and these are my brothers, Donatello and Raphael.” Michelangelo smiled and stepped closer to the turtles that looked just like him. Before he could tell them his name, Leatherhead appeared behind them. He roared and snapped his large jaws at the turtles surrounding his little Michelangelo.

“Watch it,” Raph hissed as he jumped up in the air and kicked Leatherhead in the side of the head, causing the huge alligator to fall to the ground. Mikey’s eyes widen as he jumped in front of Leatherhead and protected him from the three other turtles.

“Back down,” Leo whispered. Donnie was quick to obey, but Raph stood his ground. “Raph, I said back down.”

“But Leo-”

“Raph,” Leo stood tall and stared down at his hot headed brother. Raph growled but listened, he put his weapons away and backed away. Mikey quickly helped Leatherhead up of the ground and they turned and walked back down the alleyway. Mikey watched their back until they were safely hidden in the shadows.

“What was that about Leo?” Raph walked up to his older brother and pushed him. “We can’t just let them go. They will cause trouble.”

“I’m not too sure about that, Raph.” Donnie added as he stood next to Leo. “I don’t think they are a problem, they don’t want to be seen. The gator was just protecting him, and the turtle clearly wasn’t causing trouble.”

“Let’s go home,” Leo sighed as he turned and walked away, his brothers following him.


Leatherhead noticed that Mikey wasn’t acting like himself as they walked down the sewer toward their home in the old train station.

“Michelangelo, my boy, what is wrong?” Leatherhead asked as he placed a hand on Mikey’s shoulder as they walked.

“I just can’t believe there are others like me. Do you think there are more? Wonder if there is more like you, LH!” Mikey smiled up at his are taker.

“Mikey, we are safe and fine on our own. Promise me you won’t go looking for others... or searching for the ones we saw today?”

“I promise, Leatherhead,” Mikey sighed.
Family Ties: Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Coming Soon 
Tales Of Kalis
part 1 of 2

Sparkling – Newborn
Youngling – Child
Orn – 13 days.


Kalis was a small beautiful city, peaceful and untouched by the Decepticons. The Autobots used Kalis to store and protect their Energon supply. The small city was heavily guarded, any Decepticon foolish enough to fly too close was immediately shot down.

But there was another reason Optimus Prime kept his troops stationed at Kalis, and he prayed to Primus that Megatron would never find out.

The last youth sector on Cybertron was located in the heart of the Kalis. The youth sector was full of healthy and active younglings, and one beautiful and innocent sparkling. Optimus and his troops loved to visit the youth sector. It was refreshing to see their smiling faces and to hear their laughter. It gave them hope.

The one and only sparkling was very special to Optimus and many of the Autobots. His name was Bumblebee. Bumblebee was the last sparkling created before the Well of All Sparks was destroyed. He had a bubbly personality and he loved every one. His favorite visitors where Optimus and Ironhide…. And he loved Ratchet to pieces. Perhaps that was why the old medic asked Optimus to reassign him to be chief medic at the youth sector, so he could watch over the yellow sparkling each and every day.

“Op!” Bumblebee squealed when he looked through the rails of his crib and saw Optimus greeting and visiting with the other younglings. Bumblebee crossed his arms across his chest and pouted. Bumblebee could be very suborn and jealous. But Bumblebee was not only jealous about Optimus was playing with the others, but because he was the only one at the youth sector that couldn’t stand or walk, he could barely crawl. He had just mastered siting up in his crib. Optimus looked up and saw his little sparkling pouting in his crib and excused himself away from the other younglings. They quickly turn their attentions back to their games and coloring pads.

As Optimus approached Bumblebee’s crib, Bee turned his back to the great Prime. His tiny doorwings standing tall and proud. Optimus’s frowned slightly. He couldn’t stand the cold shoulder from Bumblebee.

“Hello there, little one. How are you today? I brought you something,” Optimus pulled out a photo-pad from his side compartment and handed it to Bee. The tiny yellow sparkling slowly turned. He chirped and clicked as he looked at the photo. He ran his little fingers over the photo pointing to each bot in the picture.

A few Orns ago, Optimus led his Autobots into battle at Blaster City. Hundreds of Decepticon fell in this battle, and Starscream and Megatron were wounded. It was a grand victory for the Autobots. Optimus, Ironhide, Jazz, Sunstreaker, Hound… the whole crew, went to the youth sector to visit and play with the younglings and Bee to Celebrate. While they were there, Optimus asked Red Alert to take a picture of him and Bumblebee, which the rest of the Autobots invited themselves to be in the photo too.

Bumblebee giggled as he studied the picture. It was him, Optimus, Ironhide, Hound, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Jazz, and Ratchet.  

“Fam!” Bumblebee whispered as he hugged the photo-pad. Optimus’s eyes softened and he sighed contently.

“Yes, Bumblebee, that is your family,” Optimus gently stroked Bumblebee’s helmet and back with his large fingers.

“Home?” Bumblebee looked up into Optimus’s eyes. Ratchet had told Optimus that Bee often asked going ‘home’ with him and the other Autobots, he was too young to understand that no one had a home anymore. Autobot Headquarters in Iicon was where the Autobots lived for now.

“One day, Bee, one day,” Optimus sighed as he forced himself to smile.

“‘Ight, Prime, stop hoggin’ Bee.” Ironhide rumbled as he walked over to the crib. Optimus chuckled as Bumblebee squealed and clapped his hands wildly as Ironhide reached into the crib and picked him up. Bumblebee nuzzled into Ironhide’s neck, his tiny hands grabbing at his plating and armor. “Primus, little guy, don’t nobody show ya some love.”

“Bumblebee gets more than enough love and attention, it’s going to go straight to his head.” Ratchet walked over and handed Ironhide Bumblebee’s nightly bottle of warm energon. “While you are here, nuts for brains, make yourself useful and feed him.” Ironhide huffed but didn’t refuse. He offered the bottle to Bumblebee and he eagerly attached his mouth onto the end and suckled down the energon. Optimus smiled as he watch Bumblebee gulp down his supper.

“So I hear that things are pretty quiet out there,” Ratchet looked over at Optimus, hoping to hear some answers.

“For the most part, yes. But I worry that this is the calm before the storm,” Optimus frowns as he turned his attention to the window right next to Bee’s crib. It was a beautiful night. The moons of Cybertron shined bright and the sky was clear.

“Out like a light,” Ironhide hummed. Optimus turned and walked back over the Ironhide and Ratchet, both mechs were smiling down at Bumblebee who was already in recharge in Ironhide’s arms, the bottle hanging half way out his mouth. Ratchet gently took the bottle away from the slumbering sparkling.

“G’night, Bee.” Ironhide nuzzled him lovingly. “See ya soon.” Ironhide gently handed the sparkling to Optimus. Optimus rocked him softly and smiled down at him.

“Sweet dreams, my little Bumblebee. I’ll come see you tomorrow.” Optimus promised him as he gently and carefully put him down Bee in his crib and covered him up with his blue and red bandits. It was always hard to leave. Optimus and Ironhide both could sit and watch him sleep all night. Ratchet walked with them to the exit and told his friends goodbye before locking up the sector and turning on the security systems. The old medic went through and did a head count on all the beds. Thirty-seven younglings and one tiny yellow sparkling.

Ratchet leaned over Bumblebee’s crib and smiled as he heard the little one mumbling in his sleep. Bumblebee meant the world to the Autobots.

Outside Bumblebee’s window, a pair of red narrowed optics watched the medic as he turned out the lights and went to his quarters down the hall to recharge. The sly seeker snickered as he pressed his face against the glass and looked down into the crib where Bumblebee laid peacefully.

“Interesting,” Starscream smirked.
Transformers: Tales Of Kalis
Part 1 of 2 
part 2 coming soon. 
Watching You
Rating: T
Warnings: T-cest.  
Universe: Not really sure - Choose your favorite and go with it!  
Characters(Main): Leonardo, Michelangelo.
Pairing: Leonardo/Michelangelo.

Michelangelo couldn’t help but look up from his comic book when he heard Leonardo inhale and exhale deeply as he mediated in the middle of Mikey’s bed room floor. It was a nightly routine for the two turtles; Mikey would listen to music or read his comics while Leo mediated. Although there was little reason to mediate when he was around his small bubbly mate, Mikey seemed to keep the larger turtle grounded and sane. But every now and again, Raphael would push Leo a little too far or Master Splinter would overcorrect him, which Leo always took too hard and too personal. After days like that, he had to mediate.

Crawling to the edge of his bed, Mikey studied his boyfriend. Leo was sitting with his back toward the bed, giving Mikey a perfect view of his shell. Gashes and scrapes covered Leo’s carapace from years of fighting. Some were from just playing and rough housing with his brothers but some were reminders of his battles with the foot and the Shredder. Leo had removed his gear for the night, including his mask. Mikey couldn’t help but smile when he noticed that Leo had his trusty katana blades within arm’s reach. Leo never let his guard now, even when he was with Mikey. In fact, his guard was on high alert when he was with Mikey. But his guard was not up to protect himself, it was to protect Mikey. Mikey pitied the fool who tried to attack him while Leo was around.

Careful not to wake Leo from his trance, Mikey climbed off the bed and walked around Leo. He tip toed, avoiding the candles that surrounded the large turtle. Sitting down with is legs crossed, Mikey mirrored his mate, allowing their knees to almost touch. It wouldn’t surprise Mikey at all if Leo knew he was sitting in front of him, but yet Leo trusted him enough to not worry or try to wake from is trance.

Michelangelo felt his stomach twist into a knot as he stared up at Leo, watching his facial features. His eyes were closed in a very relaxed manner as if he was asleep. Leo’s mouth moved slightly. Mikey wondered if he was talking to his inner thoughts. Mikey’s eyes continued to scan down his boyfriend’s body and stopped at his neck.

Leonardo’s pulse was low but clear to see through his carotid arteries. Mikey licked his lips as he thought about how fast and hard Leo’s heart always beat when Mikey touched him, and it pounded even harder while they made love. But for now, Leo’s heart rate was slow and calming. His heart was strong and its sound sent a chill down Mikey’s spine. Leo was now twenty-two years old, he mind and body were at their peak. His leadership skills were perfect and no one, not even Raph, questioned his judgment anymore.

All four of the turtles had grown up. Leo turned out to be the tallest of them, easily standing over six foot. Raph was not too far behind Leo, but he made up for it in width and bulkiness. Donnie was still the same, thin and lankly. Mikey was not surprised that he was nearly two feet shorter than his brothers and not where near as muscular.

Mikey’s breath hunched when Leo’s shoulders rolled back, making himself look bigger but his face remained calm. He was trying to comfort a problem in his mind. Mikey leaned forward and smiled as his eyes scanned over Leo’s shoulder and arms, enjoying the simplest of Leo’s skin tone. Unlike the rest of them, Leo was a forest green color which in all honesty was a normal color for a turtle. Darkened parts around his arms were outlines of scars. He had blocked so many blades and other weapons with his arms. A scar ran from his right collarbone to the center of his sternum, right where skin met plastron. Mikey remember when Leo got that injury, it was from one of their first battles with the Shredder.

Mikey sighed as he lifted his hand and rubbed the scar above his knee, he had gotten it the same time Leo got the one on his collarbone. That battle with the Shredder was one of their worst. Shaking his head, Mikey’s eyes moved down to Leo’s plastron. His chest rose with each breath, and slowly fell back down has he exhaled.

Leonardo was the perfect ninja, the perfect brother, the perfect son. Mikey never understood why Leo wanted to be his mate. Leo was his protector and he would follow Mikey to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Mikey never felt like he deserved such a wonderful boyfriend.

Michelangelo enjoyed their little games they played. Their own twisted way of ‘cat and mouse’. Leo could be very devious and quite persuasive when it came to their sex life, leaving Mikey on the edge of temptation. When Leo first started to show signs of interest toward Mikey, the small turtle was very naïve and innocent. He had no idea of the things Leo had planned for him. But even now, after years of being together, Mikey still found Leo to be unpredictable when it came to sex games and play. And even though Mikey was fully aware of Leo’s thoughts, he still played along as Leo’s young and naïve mate, which drove the large turtle insane with lust.

Leo had told Mikey several times that he cared deeply for him and that he meant the world to him, but Leo never told Mikey he loved him. Mikey, on the other hand, told Leo how much he loved him nearly very change he got. Leo was nearly impossible to read, and even Mikey had a hard time guessing what he was thinking about. Every time Mikey asked him what he was thinking about, Leo would smile and simply say ‘you’.

Mikey’s eyes widened as he heard Leo’s chest rumble with a deep primal churr. He quickly leaned back and placed his hands between his folded legs, waiting to see what Leo was doing. Although Leo’s face had not change, Mikey saw his chest raising and falling faster and his hands twitched. Mikey held his breath when Leo’s eyes darted open, looking down directly at Mikey, their eyes meeting before Mikey could process that Leo had had woken from his trance.

“Umm- Hey,” Mikey gulped nervously. Leo raised an eye ridge as he eyes softened and blinked a few times. Even after being together for years, Leo still made Mikey nervous.

“Hello,” Leo replied, he voice hardly louder than a whisper, “I felt your presence.” Mikey quickly looked down at the ground. “And I can also feel that something is troubling you.” Mikey sighed as he looked back up at Leo, Leo searching his face for an answer.

“Do you love me, Leo?” Mikey asked. Leo’s eyes narrowed, taking insult from the question. He swallowed his emotions and replaced them with a smile as the opened his arms, wanting Mikey to sit in his lap. Mikey slowly crawled toward Leo and plotted down in his lap, his legs going on each side of Leo, their plastrons rubbing together slightly.

“What kind of question is that, Mikey?” Leo tilted his head as he hands rubbed up and down the length on Mikey’s arms. “You know I love you more than anything.” Mikey nodded and leaned forward, resting his head in the crook of Leo’s neck.

“You never tell me,” Mikey muttered. Resting his chin on top of Mikey’s head, Leo hummed while his hands wondered over Mikey’s carapace.

“I could tell you, but what would that mean? Anyone can tell you they love you but not everyone can prove it. Love is a verb. Love is doing something and being someone, not words.” Leo explained. “And in my defense, I believe I do a lot just to show you how much a love you.”

“Gee, Leo, I never thought about it that way,” Mikey sighed happily, a great pressure lifting from his chest. Mikey leaned back so he could look Leo in the eyes. “I guess I am the one who needs to do more, huh?” Leo cupped Mikey’s face with his hand and placed a soft, tender kiss on Mikey’s beak.

“No, not at all.” Leo purred as he started kissing Mikey’s jawline, tracing the outline of the bone with his tongue.

“How can I show you how much a love you then, Leo?” Mikey moaned, his head shifting back to let Leo have more room to nibble at his neck. Both turtles let out a low playful churr. Leo leaned up and nuzzled Mikey, enjoying the feel of his soft skin.

“Just by being you,” Leo answered as he blew warm air in Mikey’s face. Mikey smiled as he reached up and locked his lips with Leo.

He was indeed going to show Leo how much he loved him.
Watching You
The world could use a little less talking and a lot more action! 


Guys, KameChuu drew this amazing picture to go with this story!! It's sooo awesome! It's perfect!!! Thank you Chuuu <3 <3
Megatron X Bumblebee
Character Death


“Please, Bumblebee, don't do this," Optimus cried out. I smirked and aimed my gun at his head. His dull eyes begged me to stop, but it was too late; there was no stopping me now.

I never thought I would see this. Optimus Prime beaten and laying at my feet. I single handedly just took down the leader of the Autobots. But our battle came with a price. My left arm was completely destroyed, along with my left eye. I was covered in Energon, both mine and Optimus's. My once bright and shiny yellow armor was now black and burnt. My Autobot symbol on my chest was gone. Optimus was no better off than I was. His upper right leg was ripped halfway off and he was shot twice in the stomach. And I somehow managed to rip his shoulder open too.

I heard yelling and screaming in the background, some were Autobots. Telling me to stop and remember who I was. While the rest of the voice were Decepticons, that told me to finish him and leave him to die.

"My beauty," I heard the dark voice in my head call to me, "my sweet Bee." I closed my one good eye and listened to the voice within. "Do this one little thing for me," I knew he wanted me to finish Optimus. He wanted me to kill the Prime for him, "finish our job and return to me."

"Yes, Lord Megatron," I obeyed him. Optimus's eyes grew large and his breath became shallow. I saw Starscream standing behind Optimus, waiting to watch the light leave his eyes once I fired my gun.

"Hurry, my queen," Starscream clapped his hands, "we don't have much time; the Autobots have called reinforcements," I nodded to Starscream and transformed my hand into a sword. Optimus tried to stand himself up, but his wounded leg would not let him. He even tried to crawl away. I shook my head and laughed, along with Starscream.

"Where do you think you going, Prime?" Starscream mocked as he kicked Optimus in the side, causing him to fall onto his back. I stepped forward, lining my sword up with Optimus.

"I'm sorry, farther," I cried, choking on my words. It was only loud enough for Optimus to hear. Optimus closed his eyes and laid down, not even trying to fight back or get away. I lifted my sword high above my head and came crashing down into Optimus spark. When I reopened my eyes and pulled my sword out of Optimus's chest. Starscream bent down over Optimus, checking to make sure he was dead. He calmly stood back up and turned back to the Decepticons.

“The last Prime is dead," He cheered. I turned back toward the battle field. No one was fighting anymore. The Autobots were all running up the hill to where Starscream and I were. All of them crying over the body of their fallen leader. While the Decepticons cheered and danced around.

"Long live queen Bee," Starscream kissed my hand and bowed at my feet.

"LONG LIVE QUEEN BEE," All the Decepticons shouted as they bowed to me. Starscream stood back up and cleared his throat.

"Lord Megatron should be grateful to have a mate like you, my queen," Starscream smiled down at me.

"His wish is my command," my eyes narrowed as I looked over at Optimus's lifeless shell. Starscream merely nodded and stood beside me as I turned, looking out over my army.

"Decepticons, transform and rise up," I ordered. All the Decepticons transformed and took off toward our home base of Darkmount.

"This is not over. There will be another Prime," I heard an Autobot growl. I turned around and looked at the pile of Autobot's laying over Optimus. It was Ironhide. He stood and pointed a finger at me. I noticed that he was hurt too. His face was cut up and he had three or four gunshot wounds in his arms and legs.

"How dare you speak to your new queen like that," Starscream raised his hand, ready to slap Ironhide. I grabbed his hand and forced him to bring it down to his side.

"No," I snarled, "please don't raise your hand at him. He means no harm," Starscream turned away from me, but still kept an eye on Ironhide.

"Well, since Bumblebee is going to spare you. I may as well ask," Starscream shrugged, "how can there be another Prime?"

"You fool," Ironhide snorted, "Optimus's charge will be next in line, Primus chose him years ago to take over once Optimus became one with the all spark."

"His charge you say?" Starscream hummed, "I was not aware he had one," Starscream turned to me, "Were you?" He asked me, I shook my head as my eyes shifted down to the ground. Ironhide huffed and turned away when he heard me lie to Starscream.

"Well then," Starscream grabbed hold of me and prepared to take off, "Megatron will hear about this, and we shall hunt this youngling down and destroy him!" Starscream laughed as he took flight with me in his arms. I closed my eyes and held on tightly to Starscream. He nuzzled my head protectively.

"I wonder where this young Prime is hiding?" Starscream asked, mostly talking to himself.

"He could be right under your nose, Starscream," I sighed.
All Hail Queen Bumblebee
Back By Popular Demand!  

So, I have been getting comments, notes, messages, emails from upset fans, wondering where all my transformers stories are and why I do not write TF anymore... Well, I wanted to say I am very sorry and that I am Back! I will will be writing Transformer Stories again and I will be bringing back my old stories after editing!! <3 Your Queen is Back!! 
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Hello friends!!! I hope you are all doing well. Sorry I haven't been around much... See.. I guess I'm going through my growing up stage. Ha!! I hope some of you are still with me! I still plan on writing and stuff!

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