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Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen. Struggle on it. Overcome your fears. Smile. Don't you forget: this is your dream.

Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.


Stolen Treasure
Part 6: Stolen Again
Rating: M
Warning: M/M, Light Tcest.    
Alternate Universe
Characters(Main): Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Usagi.
Pairing: Usagi/Michelangelo, Leonardo/Michelangelo.

Donnie showed Mikey to the bedroom at the end of the hall where he could rest for the night. Mikey thanked him and shut the door behind him. The room was a mess, dirty and dusty, but the bed looked untouched and comfortable. Mikey loved the large window in the bedroom, it looked out over the river and valley. There was a full moon out tonight and it shined through the large window, lighting up Mikey’s room. Mikey closed his eyes as he let himself fall onto the bed, he was very tired. He didn’t have time to get under the covers before he fell asleep.


Donatello chuckled as he walked into the kitchen, finding his brothers sitting in the same chair he had been in all night. Leo looked conflicted as he rubbed his fingers over his forehead, where Mikey had kissed him.

“Got something on your mind, Leo?” Donnie asked as he sat down beside of the larger turtle. Leo looked up at Donnie and shrugged.

“I was just thinking about asking Mikey to join us,” Leo muttered. “He could travel with us and help us...”

“Leo, do you really think Mikey will stay with us? Do you think he would stay with you? We are bandits, there are bounties out on our heads. We are wanted and hunted. Mikey could get hurt. He doesn’t know how to survive out here like we do.”

“I’ll take care him,” Leo growled.

“Fine, Leo. I’m not going to fight with you.” Donnie rolled his eyes as he stood from his seat. “Don’t be selfish, Leo. I know you like him and you want him to be with you, but did you ever think to ask if was happy with us? With you? Does he miss home? Does he miss his Farther? His brother? His soon-be-husband?” Once Donnie had spoken his mind, he left the room.


“Michelangelo,” A soft voice called. Mikey thought it was Leo and he slowly started to wake up. When Mikey opened his eyes, Mikey was shocked to see that it was Usagi.

“U-Usagi!” Mikey cheered as he wrapped his arms around his friend’s neck and pulled him into a hug. “How did you get in here? How…How did you get by Leo?” When Mikey pulled away from the hug he realized that Usagi was straddling him.

“I came in through the window,” Usagi whispered as smiled down at Mikey.

“Usagi,” Mikey frowned, “Your ear! What happened?”

“Leonardo,” Usagi breathed. “He did that to me.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Mikey mumbled. Usagi leaned down closer, wanting to steal a kiss from his soon to be mate.


Leonardo walked down the hall toward Mikey’s room. Donnie was fast asleep on the couch and Leo had thought about what he brother said. Donnie was right, he always was. Leo needed to talk with Mikey and know if he wanted to stay with him. Leo knew it was late, but he couldn’t wait. He liked Mikey and he wanted to know how the small turtle felt about him. Leo took a deep breath as he reached for the doorknob


“Usagi, no,” Mikey tried to stop the kiss but Usagi kept coming and his lips crashed against Mikey’s. Mikey’s eyes widened as Usagi pressed against him and deepened the kiss. Mikey squirmed beneath him and tried to push him away.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and Leo appeared in the doorway. Usagi hissed as he pulled away from the kiss and looked up at Leonardo. Leo’s eyes narrowed and he quickly lunged at Usagi, pushing him off of Mikey.

Leo saw red as he attacked Usagi. When he came into the room all he saw was Usagi forcing himself on Mikey and Mikey trying to get away. Mikey crawled off of the bed and backed away from Usagi and Leo as they fought.

“Watch out!” Mikey shrieked as Usagi and Leo moved closer to the large window. Usagi pushed Leo through the widow, his shell breaking right through the glass. As Leo started to fall, he grabbed Usagi by the shirt and pulled the rabbit with him. Mikey rushed over to the window and watched nervously as Leo and Usagi continued to fight.

“Mikey, come on!” Raphael appeared next to the window and reached out his hands to help Mikey down.

“Raph, what are doing here?” Mikey asked.

“To save you! Why else would I be here, dork? Now, come on!”

“Save me? Raph, I don’t need saving.”

“What are you saying, Mikey?” Raph hissed.

“Mikey!” Donnie came dashing into the room.

““Let’s go!” Raph was done talking. He grabbed Mikey and pulled him down through the busted window. Donnie leapt forward and reached for Mikey, but he was too slowly.

“Raph, let me go!” Mikey scowled as he tried to free himself from his brother. Raph ignored him as he picked Mikey up and placed him on his horse and got on behind him.

“Usagi!” Raph called. Usagi looked up and smirked as he saw that Raph had Mikey and they were ready to leave. Usagi rushed off and got on his own horse.

“Mikey! No!” Leo roared as he chased after them, but the horses were too fast and they got away. Leo fell to his knees, panting and growling. Donnie rushed to his brother’s side.

“Leo…I’m sorry...”
Stolen Treasure: Part 6
Previous Chapter: Stolen Treasure: Part 5
Next Chapter: Soon to be
Stolen Treasure
Part 5: Some wounds heal, some don't.
Rating: T
Warning: M/M, Light Tcest.    
Alternate Universe
Characters(Main): Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Usagi.
Pairing Leonardo/Michelangelo.

“No,” Is all Leo said as he took Mikey by the hand and led him deeper into the forest, Donnie right behind them. Mikey didn’t fight Leo, he was happy to go with him. He was also happy to hear his best friend was not dead.

“Leo, we should go back and follow the path, or find a place to bed down for the night. Darkness is falling and the forest is not safe to travel at night.” Donnie said as he looked up at the setting sun.

“Why isn’t it safe?” Mikey asked nervously as he looked over his shoulder at Donnie while Leo continued to pull him along.

“Murderers, other thieves and bandits, “Donnie explained, “Monsters, demons …. The list is endless, you know?” Mikey’s eyes widened and he shook his head.

“No, I didn’t know,” Mikey whimpered. “Perhaps he is right, Leo,” Mikey gulped as he turned his head and looked up at the turtle that was leading him. “Plus it will give me chance to tend to your wounds.” Leo’s eyes widened as he stopped and turned to face Mikey. He had a stab wound in his shoulder that he had tried to hide under his clothes but now the blood was dripping down and showing through. Donnie’s eyes narrowed as he looked down at the ground. Leo was leaving a blood trail.

“Okay, fine.” Leo sighed, “There is a small house up ahead by the river, if I remember correctly. No one has lived in it for years.”


“Usagi!” Raphael shouted as he returned to find the young rabbit laying in the middle of the path. Raph jumped off of his horse and rushed to his friend’s side. Usagi coughed as Raphael helped him back up to his feet. Usagi’s left ear was sliced, nearly halfway through.

“Leo….got away...” Usagi panted as he tried to stand on his own. Raph watched him carefully, ready to catch him if he fell.

“I didn’t find Mikey or Leo’s brother,” Raph frowned.

“We will continue to search,” Usagi demanded, “We are on their tails now! They can’t be far.” Usagi bent down in front of a small puddle of blood. “Leo is hurt. He will lead us straight to Mikey.”


Mikey, Leo, and Donnie arrived at the house. It was old and like Leo said, no one had lived in it for years. Donnie stepped forward and opened the door, allowing Leo and Mikey to enter the house. Leo hissed in pain as he shoulder hit the edge of the door. Mikey pulled away from Leo, as if he feared the larger turtle. Donnie placed a reassuring hand on Mikey’s shoulder to calm to him.

“I’ll take Mikey down to the river to collect some water to help clean your wounds, brother,” Donnie sighed as he grabbed two bowls from the table inside the house. Leo growled under his breath, the pain of his wound still surging through his body. The large turtle sit down in one of the chairs in the kitchen. He was unware of Mikey’s worried eyes staring at him. “Come, Mikey,” Donnie placed his hand on Mikey’s shoulder and led him out of the house and down to the river.

“Forgive my brother,” Donnie mumbled as he bent down at the river to fill one of the bowls. Mikey smiled as he took the other one and filled it up.

“There is nothing to forgive, he is hurt.” Mikey shrugged.

“No, not about that.” Donnie looked over at Mikey as they stood back up with their bowls full of water. “For taking you… for kidnapping you.” Mikey’s eyes widened as he turned to walk back to the house.

“Oh,” Is all Mikey could think of to say.

“He likes you, more then he will admit.” Donnie smiled as he led Mikey back up to the house.

“Funny,” Mikey laughed, “Because I like him more than I’m ready to admit.” Mikey smiled up at Donnie as he opened the door to the house and walked inside. Leo was sitting right where they left him. Donnie placed his bowl of water next to Mikey’s on the table and left the room, letting Leo and Mikey have some alone time.

“Leo, please let me clean your wound,” Mikey smiled kindly as he sat down in the chair next to Leo. Leo looked up at him and nodded as he slowly took off his shirt, careful not to hurt himself further. Mikey tried to hide his red cheeks as Leo’s upper body was reviled. Leo was fit and muscled up nicely. Mikey’s blushing didn’t go unnoticed by Leo.

“See something you like?” Leo smirked. Mikey’s eyes widened as he grabbed a rag and dipped it down in the water.

“You….you are very fit and in shape,” Mikey whispered as he pressed the rag to Leo’s wound. Leo inhaled deeply to keep from growling.

“Thank you,” Leo said through his teeth. “I have to be for my line of work.”

“Fair enough,” Mikey giggled as worked on Leo’s shoulder. “You are lucky, this isn’t very deep. It needs to be cleaned at least once a day to keep away infection.”

“You seem to know a lot about medical care.”

“I have to know for my line of work also,” Mikey teased, winking playfully at Leo. “I’m a nurse…. The only one in our village actually.”

“Explains a lot,” Leo shook his head.

“All done! See, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” Mikey grinned. Leo looked down at his shoulder to see that Mikey had cleaned it well. “I do not have the tools to stitch it up… but if you don’t use that arm a lot and rest, it will heal just fine.”

“Rest?” Leo questioned the word, “I have things to do, I can’t ‘rest’!”

“Well, you are going to have to if you want that to heal, Leo.” Mikey pointed a finger at Leo’s face. “Am I understood?’

“Sure.. Okay,” Leo snarled as he sat back in his chair and crossed his arms. Mikey shook his head and rolled his eyes as he watched Leo pout.

“Good boy,” Mikey purred as he leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Leo’s forehead.  
Working on Stolen Treasure: Part 5!! Should be up by tonight! <3  
Stolen Treasure
Part 4: Do I Stay Or Do I Go?  
Rating: T
Warning: M/M, Light Tcest.    
Alternate Universe
Characters(Main): Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Usagi.
Pairing Leonardo/Michelangelo.

“Go hide!” Leonardo ordered as he pushed Donnie and Mikey off the path and into the forest. But Leo stayed on the path.

“Leo?” Mikey turned and looked up at the large turtle, “What are you doing?” Donnie frowned as he also turned and looked at his brother, unsure what he was doing.

“I’ll hold them off,” Leo sighed as he pulled out his katana blades and stood tall in the middle of the path, waiting for Usagi and Raphael.

“Mikey, come on,” Donnie took Mikey deeper into the forest and up the mountain.

“What about Leo?” Mikey asked nervously.

“He will be fine,” Donnie shrugged, “He will find us, don’t worry.”

“Usagi and Raphael are very skilled fighters, they will kill him!” Mikey whimpered.

“Don’t hold your breath. Leo is more powerful than you think,” Donnie snickered.


“Leonardo!” Usagi growled as his horse halted right in front of the bandit.

“Are you lost, Usagi? You are far from your home.” Leo smiled as he looked up at Usagi as the rabbit jumped off of his horses and walked toward Leo.

“You know very well why I am here!” Usagi hissed, “Where is Michelangelo?”

“Michelangelo? Michelangelo? I don’t know a Michelangelo, sorry,” Leo chuckled as Usagi pulled out his sword. Leo flipped the handles of his katanas in his hands as he waited for Usagi to make the first move.

“Perhaps I can refresh your memory!” Usagi shouted as he charged at Leo, swiping his sword at the large turtle. Leo easily ducked and kicked Usagi in the gut, sending him backwards.

Suddenly, Leo realized something. He heard two horses. Where was the second horse?

“No,” Leo gasped, his eyes widening as he turned and saw Raphael riding his horse into the forest after Donnie and Mikey. Leo turned and raced after Raphael, but Usagi lunged forward and tackled Leo to the ground. “No!” Leo crawled as the ground.

“What are you hiding in the forest, Leonardo?” Usagi asked. Leo snarled as he bucked Usagi off of him and jumped to his feet.

“Something that belongs to me!” Leo smirked as he readied himself and his katana blades. Usagi barred his teeth as he once again charged at Leo.


“Donnie, do you hear that?” Mikey asked as they reached the valley in the middle of the forest.

“Yes, it’s one of the horses.” Donnie gulped as he grabbed Mikey and pulled him toward the tall tree in the middle of the valley. “Climb!” Mikey gave Donnie a worried look before he started to climb. Donnie eyes widened as the hoof-beats came closer. “Hurry!” Donnie started to climb the tree behind Mikey, pushing and helping the smaller turtle up the tree.

Once up in the high branches, hidden by the leaves, Donnie watching as Raphael gallops toward them, stopping right underneath the tree.

“Raphie,” Mikey whimpered, conflicted by his feelings. Did he want to go home or stay with Leo and Donnie?

“Shh,” Donnie whispered as he placed his hand over Mikey’s mouth. Raphael looked around and frowned as he kicked his horse and galloped away. “You about gave us away,” Donnie sighed as he pulled his hand away from Mikey’s mouth. “He would have killed me and taken you away from Leo.’

“How did you know I didn’t…ummm…want to leave Leo?” Mikey blushed. Donnie smiled softly as he playfully nudged Mikey.

“I’m smart,” Donnie shrugged, “Can’t fool me.”

“Donnie! Look! It’s Leo!” Mikey gasped as he pointed down in the valley. Leo was limping and he was bleeding lightly from the mouth and from a few small cuts on his arms and legs. Donnie helped Mikey out of the tree before jumping down himself.

“Mikey!” Leo smiled as he small the tiny turtle rushing toward him.

“Leo! Thank goodness you are okay! I was worried!” Mikey cheered as he jumped into Leo’s arms. Leo happily held Mikey against him and hugged him tightly. “What happened to you?”

“Usagi happened,” Leo chuckled as he gentle placed Mikey back down on the ground.

“Leo, you didn’t hurt him did you?” Mikey asked nervously, “You didn’t… kill him, did you?”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Fun Night
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Heavy Tcest.    
Universe: TMNT (2012 Cartoon)
Characters(Main): Michelangelo, Leonardo.
Pairing Leonardo/Michelangelo.

Michelangelo moaned as Leonardo threw him on the bed and crawled on top of the tiny turtle, kissing and licking his neck and jawline. Mikey’s hands clawed and grabbed at Leo’s shoulders and the back of his neck, pulling his mate closer as he arched his back. Leo growled as his teeth scraped Mikey’s neck, his eagerness getting the better of him.

“Leo…” Mikey panted as he gentle pushed the larger turtle away from him. “Let me take care of you tonight.” Mikey purred as he moved himself to the floor, between Leo’s legs. His small hands massaging and rubbing Leo’s inner thighs. Leo tilted his head back and groaned as Mikey ran his tongue over Leo’s slit, teasing him and waiting for his member to slide out of its housing. One of Mikey’s hands moved down to Leo’s tail and gave it a gentle squeeze. Mikey laughed as Leo’s body realized and he let out a surprised gasp as Mikey played with his tail.

Mikey smirked as Leo’s slit parted and his member sprang to life. Licking his lips eagerly, Mikey took the head of Leo’s throbbing member in his mouth and sucked on it carefully. He grunted around Leo’s thickness as he tasted the per-cum. relaxing his jaw, Mikey allowed more of Leo’s shaft into his mouth, until Leo’s entire member was buried in his mate’s throat.

“Michelangelo...” Leo breathed as he bit his lip. Mikey closed his eyes and suckled harder. One of Leo’s hands pulled and grabbed at the sheets while his free hand moved up to his mouth, biting the back of his hand to mute himself as he felt his climax sneaking up on him. Mikey’s tongue wrapped around the base of Leo’s member as he started to bob his head faster, adding a little pressure with his teeth.

Slowly, Mikey pulled his mouth away from Leo’s member and opened his mouth wide as both of his hands wrapped around the needful shaft, pumping and twisting pleasurably. Leo’s toes curled and his knees turned inward, his breath catching in his chest as he climaxed. Shooting his load in Mikey’s mouth, a few drops spraying across Mikey’s cheeks and chin.

Once Leo was milked dry, Mikey smirked as he icy blue eyes locked with Leo’s and he licked the head of Leo’s member, cleaning the fluids off of it.

Before Mikey could say anything, Leo grabbed him and tossed him on the bed. Mikey moaned, his mouth hanging open, as Leo’s mouth attached onto his winking entrance. Mikey arched his back and his hands dug into the sheets, pulling and tugging on them as Leo’s tongue entered his tight entrance. One of Leo’s hands moved up to Mikey’s slit and rubbed it with his thumb. Mikey sighed as he relaxed and released his member and let it slide into Leo’s hand.

“L-Leo!” Mikey stuttered as Leo’s hand wrapped around his hard member and started to pump it. “Oh, yes!” Mikey smiled as he tossed his head from side to side. Leo pulled his mouth away from Mikey’s lubed entrance and carefully added a finger. Mikey spread his legs wider and rolled his hips against Leo’s finger. Leo moved crawled back up toward Mikey’s face and kissed him and licked him playfully.

“Ready to go again?” Mikey laughed he felt Leo’s erection press against his inner thigh.

“Blame yourself,” Leo chuckled, “You are the one that does this to me.”

“I better be the only one,’ Mikey teased.

“Always,” Leo smiled as he kissed Mikey passionately as he slowly pushed his member into Mikey’s tightness. Tears formed in the corners of Mikey’s eyes as he cried out in pleasure. Leo rested his forehead against Mikey’s as he slowly started to thrust in and out of his small mate. Reaching down between them, Leo took Mikey’s member within his hand again and started to pump him, in rhythm with his on strokes.

“Leo… Leo…I’m gonna…” Mikey screamed as Leo’s long member hit his prostate. Leo’s hand tightened around Mikey’s member, teasing him and sending him over the edge.

“You gonna what?” Leo smirked, wanting to hear Mikey say it.

“I’m gonna cum!” Mikey bit his lip as Leo rammed into him one last time. Mikey’s fluids spraying across Leo’s hand and Leo groaned as he released his own loud inside of Mikey. Leo slowly pulled out and carefully let go of Mikey’s softening member as he rolled off of Mikey and laid next to him on the bed.

“I needed that,” Leo whispered as he wrapped his arm around Mikey and pulled him close. Mikey smiled as he curled up against his mate. They both drifted to sleep.
Fun Night
Truth is, I'm the one who needed this! XD
Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the best movie! The first three movies are insignificant compared to this amazing work! I laughed, I cried!! I fell in love with the new human characters and the new transformers!! I highly recommend this movie to everyone!!

I will be writing a few stories about this!! I will wait a while and give it time to be out so most everyone knows it and can understand my stories!

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