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Hello everyone!!
I'm back!
What shall I write first!?
Hey guys...

So all the talk and everything going around about people being targeted and reported on DA because of T-cest has got me a little worried. I don't want to be deleted and kicked off.... I will support my T-Cest brothers and sisters in any way possible. 

I guess this would be a good time to write some Transformers *^* 

Love ya'll, keep in touch :) 
Hey guys...

So all the talk and everything going around about people being targeted and reported on DA because of T-cest has got me a little worried. I don't want to be deleted and kicked off.... I will support my T-Cest brothers and sisters in any way possible. 

I guess this would be a good time to write some Transformers *^* 

Love ya'll, keep in touch :) 

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Dance For Him...
Leonardo X Michelangelo



(Michelangelo's POV)

It was Valentine’s Day and I had something very special planned for Leonardo. We had spent all day together. But I was done with the sweet, ewwy gooey, part of Valentine’s Day. Now it was time to get down and dirt with my lovely mate.

I called Leo into our bedroom and had him sit down in a chair in the middle of the room.

“I’ll be right back,” I winked at him as I placed a soft kiss on his lips before turning and skipping out of the room, giggling under my breath.

I returned moments later wearing blue and black lingerie. I couldn’t help but smirk as I saw Leo’s eyes widen and his lip quivering.

“You like?” I purr as I turn around and shake my butt in his direction.

“I love!” His eyes darkened. I blushed as I stood back up and walked over to the corner of the room where my radio was. I had already picked out a song and had it ready, all I had to do was push play. I closed my eyes as the music started to play, my body slowly starting to move with the beat. I spin around on my toes and bite my lip as I start to dance for Leo. I smirked as I stepped a little closer. My hips continuing to sway slowly to the music, keeping my back arched. I slowly bend my knees and go down as far as I can, then up again, continually undulating my hips. I turn slowly and once I was close enough, I place one foot on the floor between Leo’s feet and my other foot on the arm of the chair; circling my hips as I move my hands along my legs.

I kept eye contact with Leonardo, or at least tried to. I laughed as his eyes couldn’t stop looking at my body. I run my hands slowly over my butt, plastron, and neck.

When I heard a growl rumble in Leo’s chest, I danced into the space between his legs, slowly lowering myself down onto my knees. I lick at his budge and slit, purring as his hard member fell out in front of me. I look up into his eyes as I lick the head of his thick member and slowly take it into my mouth. I continue to caress my body and untie my panties that were tied to the rest of the lingerie. Once I took them off, I threw them at Leo. He caught them in his mouth and growled playfully as he watched my head bob up and down on his erection.

One of my hands went down between legs and under my tail. I moaned around his cock as I slowly started to finger my entrance, prepping myself for Leo. My own member hardened and fell out of its housing.

Once I was properly prepped and ready, I slowly pulled Leo’s member out of my mouth and stood up. Leo’s hand shot forward and wrapped around my cock and pumped it roughly a few times. I groaned and tilted my head back as he drummed his thumb over the head. He eagerly pulled me into his lap. My hands clawed at his shoulders as he lowered me onto his cock.

“Leo~” I moaned as his giant cock stretched my entrance. He groaned and panted as he started thrusting up into me. I helped him, by lifting myself up and falling back down and repeating the action. Leo leaned forward and his teeth attached onto my neck. I rolled my hips against him and moved my neck to the side, giving him more room to work.

Leo reached down between us and put my member back in his hand. I cried out in pleasure as he matched his hand with his thrusts.

Our breaths came out in pants and a thin layer of sweat covers our bodies. With one last powerful thrust inside of me, I scream Leo’s name as I climax. My fluids spraying across Leo’s plastron. Leo’s eyes narrow and he grunts loudly as my walls tighten around him.

“Michelangelo!” Leo gasped. I close my eyes and smile as I felt his hot seed seeping into me. I fall limp against him chest, enjoying the sound of his beating heart.

“I love you,” He mumbled softly to me.

“I love you too, Leo.”
Dance For Him
We all needed this *^* 
Stolen Treasure
Part 8: Rescued Failed    
Rating: T
Warning: M/M, Light Tcest.    
Alternate Universe
Characters (Main): Michelangelo, Raphael, Usagi, Leonardo, Donatello.
Pairing: Usagi/Michelangelo, implied Leonardo/Michelangelo.

Michelangelo slept peacefully on his bed, his chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. He didn’t hear or see Leonardo looking into his bedroom window. Just as Leo was about to open the window and sneak into Mikey’s room, he heard footsteps running down the street.

“Freeze!” It was Ninjara and her badger friend. “Bandit! You are under arrest.” Leonardo growled he turned around and pulled out his katana. His eyes widened as he saw Raphael with them, Donatello tied and bound over the large turtle’s shoulder. Raphael threw Donnie roughly on the ground.

“Did you really think you could get away!?” Raph shouted. Suddenly, Leo was surrounded by guards. “Drop your weapons and put your hands up!”

“Leo!” A small voice shrieked. Leo’s heart pounded heavily in his chest as he turned to see Mikey jumping out of his window and rushing toward him. Leo dropped his swords quickly and reached out for Mikey.

“Brother, no!” Raph jumped forward and grabbed his brother. “Stay away from him!”

“Raph, please. You don’t understand.” Mikey tried to get away from his brother.

“What is going on here?!?” Usagi appeared on his black horse. His horse reared and cleared a path as he walked toward Leo. Usagi smirked as he saw Leo. “Oh, you have returned.”

“Only to collect what is mine!” Leo snarled as his eyes shifted to Mikey.

“He will never me yours!” Usagi jumps off his horse and got in Leo’s face. “Throw him in the dungeon!”

“No!” Mikey started to cry as he pulled free from his brother. He knew better than to get between Usagi and Leo so he crawled over to Donnie and started to untie him.

“Leonardo, for your crimes against my village and my people…. I sentence you to death. You shall be hanged tomorrow at sundown. After my wedding. The last thing you’ll know is that Michelangelo is mine…” Usagi smirked as the guards take Leo away. Mikey buried himself in Donnie’s chest, balling his eyes out. Donnie held the tiny turtle tightly, letting him cry.

“What about this one!” Raph growled as he ripped Donnie away from Mikey. Donnie hissed and fought Raph.

“I have not use for him.” Usagi shrugged.

“Let him go! He is my friend.” Mikey hit his brother as hard as he could. Raph dropped Donnie and Mikey took Donnie’s hand and led him into their house and down the hall to his room. Mikey lit a few candles and locked his door and closed his window.

“Mikey…. come sit,” Donnie cooed as he sat on the edge the bed. Mikey slowly walked over and sat next to Donnie.

“We are going to save Leo!” Mikey smiled as he looked up and Donnie. “I got a plan!”
Stolen Treasure: Part 8
Previous Chapter: Stolen Pressure: Part 7
Next Chapter: COMING SOON
Hello everyone!!
I'm back!
What shall I write first!?

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